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TAELLN411: What is actually happening?

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You, like many other trainers, may be confused about the upcoming changes to the TAE training package. Do you need the TAELLN411 unit or not?

The inclusion of the unit ‘TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy’ as a core component of the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has been pending for years. In 2012 IBSA announced:

“In July 2014 the current elective unit TAELLN401A Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills will become a core unit in the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment… When the TAE10 Training Package is revised in July 2014 all new and existing trainers will need to hold, or demonstrate equivalent competency for, the unit TAELLN401A.”

Since then, an updated version of the TAELLN401A – the TAELLN411 – has been released (and deemed equivalent – more on this later). The new Cert IV TAE qualification, incorporating the TAELLN411 unit as a core requirement, will be called the TAE40114 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

It’s now well past July 2014. The new qualification has not been released. The TAELLN411 is not yet a core unit in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. What is happening?

Problem 1

Industry Business Skills Australia’s (IBSA) plan to incorporate the TAELLN411 as a core unit in the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment actually breaches the National Skills Standard’s Council’s (NSSC) Standards for Training Packages:

“The proportion of elective choice in all qualifications must be one third or more of total units required to gain a qualification, rounded up or down to the nearest whole unit (see notes under next point).  The proportion of electives in all qualifications that can be sourced from other qualifications within the host Training Package, another Training Package, or from accredited courses, must be one sixth or more of the total units required to gain a qualification, rounded up or down to the nearest whole unit.”

Basically, at least 1-in-3 units in a qualification must be electives. Since the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is made up of 10 units, a minimum of 3 units should be electives. The current TAE40110 has 7 core and 3 elective units; the proposed new TAE40114 would have 8 core and only 2 electives. This caused a delay while IBSA decided what to do, but ultimately it was decided to go ahead with the proposed changes anyway.

As RTO Doctor explains: “TAE40114 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (proposed) is to be submitted nonetheless in breach of the NSSC rules regarding the number of electives a qualification must have versus the number of core units a qualification must have (flexibility) rules.  The newly proposed qualification will be deemed not equivalent as a qualification because the packaging now has 8 core units and 2 electives instead of 7 core units and 3 electives; yes, IBSA have inserted the TAELLN411 unit into the core!”

Problem 2

There is currently no organisation able to endorse the new training package.

The National Skills Standards Council is supposed to be the endorsing body for major updates to vocational qualifications and units of competency. IBSA develops the new training packages and submits them to the NSSC for endorsement. However, the NSSC was one of the organisations disbanded by the new federal government following the 2013 federal election. Currently, no successor to the NSSC has been created or appointed.

The Industry Skills Council (ISC) can endorse some changes to qualifications and/or units of competency, but NOT changes this major. Therefore, no one has the power to endorse the new TAE training package including the TAE40114 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Until something changes (ie the ISC is granted additional powers; a successor to the NSSC is appointed/created; a solution is found under the current rules), the new training package is unlikely to be endorsed.

The Current Situation

IBSA’s TAE update project timeline currently states “…we are unable to say yet what the endorsement date for the new TAE Training Package will be. However it will be sometime after June 30, 2014. We shall advise a date as soon as it becomes clear.”

Once the new TAE40114 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course is endorsed, accreditation in the TAELLN411 unit “…becomes a requirement for all trainers and assessors and we expect that practitioners will be granted twelve months to comply i.e. until sometime after June 2015. ”

So is the TAELLN411 required now?

Not yet. The new training package has not yet been endorsed, so you are not currently required to hold the TAELLN411 unit.

You can still bundle the TAELLN411 unit with any of our TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course options. We also offer the TAELLN411 as a standalone unit which you can study online or in a workshop.

Unit Equivalency

IBSA has deemed the old TAELLN401 unit equivalent to the new TAELLN411 unit.

RTO Doctor indicates that there have actually been major changes between the TAELLN401 and the TAELLN411. In their words “there are performance criteria that have been deleted, merged, an entire element of competency has been deleted, significant changes to required skills/performance evidence, significant changes to required knowledge/performance knowledge and changes to the assessment conditions are all evidence of why this unit should not have been deemed equivalent.”

However because of IBSA’s decision, if you hold the older TAELLN401 unit, there is no need to update to the new TAELLN411 unit.

Further Reading

There is much more to this story, especially for those managing RTOs delivering TAE package qualifications. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. For more information, please read RTO Doctor’s comprehensive write up here.

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  • Tony Quirke says:

    I had been wondering what was going on with the anticipated LLN unit. Thanks for the information William. Much appreciated.

  • Jane says:

    Clarity – Relieves the enforced ‘panic’ to complete the LLN, Thankyou……..and I actually work in an RTO that delivers the TAE!!!

    • William Cowie William Cowie says:

      Glad to help Jane! Make sure you keep an eye on the IBSA website for updates and please let us know if you need help with training in the future.

      Cheers, Will.

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