Christmas Break Shutdown 2014-2015

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The Inspire Education office will be closed for business for 1 ½ weeks over the Christmas/New Year period.

Please note these major dates:

Shut Down – Tuesday 23rd of December 2014

Re-OpenMonday 5th January 2015

During this time the student portal and other online resources will still be available to students. Trainers will not be available to take calls, but please send an email or leave a message on the student forums and we will respond as soon as possible in the New Year.

We wish you all the best this Christmas and New Year. Stay safe and we’ll see you all bright and early in January 2015!

Best Wishes,

Inspire Education

New TAE Diplomas Launched!

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TAE50111 and TAE50211 Diploma Enrolments Now Open!

Inspire Education is excited to announce the launch of two new qualifications! We now have two new TAE Diplomas open for enrolments, the TAE50111 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, and the TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development.

These qualifications are designed for experienced vocational trainers who need to develop or formalise advanced skills in designing training and assessment services. You’ll learn core competencies like designing and developing learning resources, learning strategies, assessment tools, and training needs analysis. The courses also cover a range of other skills like evaluating training programs, e-learning, and advanced assessment practice.

Armed with your new qualification(s), it’s expected you’ll be able to pursue professional outcomes such as:

TAE50111 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

  • • Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Trainer
  • • Learning Product Developer
  • • Training Needs Analyst
  • • Senior Trainer and Assessor
  • • Senior Training Facilitator

TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development

  • • RTO Manager
  • • RTO Owner
  • • Training and Assessment Consultant
  • • Training Product Development
  • • Enterprise Assessor
  • • Educational Manager
  • • Learning and Development Manager

Can’t choose? You can get both qualifications in our dual Diploma package! Enquire about either course for more information about the dual Diploma program. 

Is this course for you?

There are no prerequisites to study these courses, but it is strongly recommended you hold a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment plus vocational experience. These qualifications may also be suitable if you have extensive experience in training and assessment roles working in an RTO, or other type of training organisation with a focus on competency-based learning and assessment.

This qualification requires you to have a high level of access to learners and training environments in order to demonstrate all the required competencies. It’s really designed to be completed while you are actively employed in a training role, but anyone can enrol if you are able to access the required resources. Please visit the course pages to see the full list of resources required.

The Diploma courses are offered via Online learning. You’ll have 12 months to complete the courses from your commencement date.

Course Clustering

We have developed our own custom learning and assessment resources, using a clustered delivery approach. This means we have reduced the duplication of assessment tasks across multiple units to minimise your workload and provide a holistic learning experience. The Diploma courses have been clustered into just 3 workbooks each (down from 10 individual units).

Learn More

Check out the course page for more information about this exciting qualification! Request a free information pack for the full range of pricing and delivery options.

YOu can also call 1800 506 509 or email to discuss these courses with an enrolment coordinator now.

Enrol Now!

When you are ready to go, simply enrol through our online shop!


Construction Skills Queensland Funded Courses Available Now!

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Do you work in construction? Are you a permanent resident of Queensland? You may be eligible for a fully funded qualification!


Thanks to Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), we have a very limited number of fully funded courses available for Queensland building and construction workers. CSQ is an independent industry funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices and career seekers in the building and construction industry. The Higher Level Skills Program is designed to keep existing workers in Queensland’s building and construction industry by providing access to Certificate IV and higher level vocational training.

This is your opportunity to develop new skills you can use to move into supervisory roles or take on different, less physically demanding duties at work. Training can also help you respond to labour shortages in the industry or develop new in-demand skills; perfect if you are currently underemployed and seeking more opportunities for work, looking for a change or just like to stay ahead of the curve.

Enrolments are open and places are limited, so contact us now to secure your training!

Through Inspire Education you can study:

  • BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety – 100% subsidised by CSQ
  • BSB51312 Diploma of Work Health and Safety – 100% subsidised by CSQ
  • BSB41513 Certificate IV in Project Management – 100% subsidised by CSQ
  • BSB51413 Diploma of Project Management – 100% subsidised by CSQ

Are you eligible to receive funded training?

To be eligible for funded training, you must:

  • Work in the Queensland building and construction industry.
  • Be employed as a building and construction worker^ with your employer for at least one month (through full-time, part-time or casual employment, or as a contract worker).
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen; a permanent resident of Australia; or a holder of a refugee or humanitarian visa.
  • Be a permanent resident of Queensland; or permanently employed in Queensland.

    And you must NOT :
  • Be currently enrolled and participating in a school program.
  • Be contracted trainers and assessors or existing workers of any registered training organisation (RTO).
  • Be already funded by an Authority or other such source for delivery of the same training being undertaken as part of this program.
  • Be previously funded under this program in the same program period.

We will conduct an in depth assessment of your eligibility as part of the enrolment process and you will need to provide evidence of residency, employment and citizenship. Additional terms and conditions apply.

If you have any questions, please give us a call on 1800 506 509!

^ A building and construction worker is an employee substantially involved in constructing, deconstructing, reconstructing, renovating, altering, demolishing, relocating, maintaining or repairing structures:

  • breakwaters, docks, jetties, piers or wharves;
  • bridges, viaducts, aqueducts or tunnels;
  • buildings;
  • chimney stacks, cooling towers, drilling rigs, gas holders or silos;
  • earthworks, other than for farming;
  • fences, other than fences on farms;
  • navigational lights, beacons or markers;
  • pile driving works;
  • pipe lines;
  • roads, railways, airfields or other works for the passage of anything;
  • spa pools and swimming pools;
  • sporting or recreational facilities;
  • works for conveying products, by-products or materials;
  • works for extracting, refining, processing or treating materials or for producing or extracting products and by-products from materials;
  • works for solid waste disposal;
  • works for subdividing or developing land;
  • works for telecommunication or for the transmission of radio or television;
  • works for the conveyance, treatment or disposal of sewage or of the effluent from any premises;
  • works for the drainage of land;
  • works for the generation, supply or transmission of electric power;
  • works for the improvement or alteration of a harbour, river or watercourse for navigation purposes;
  • works for the irrigation of land;
  • works for the storage of liquids, other than water, or gases;
  • works for the storage or supply of water or for flood mitigation.

Unfortunately you will not be eligible if you work in the building and construction industry in a managerial, clerical, professional or ancillary capacity.

Some related or support industries which are also excluded from funding, include:

  • Transport and delivery providers
  • Agricultural industry
  • Registered Training Organisations
  • Manufacturers or fabricators: Repairing buckets, Fabrication of steel railings, Fabrication of house frames
  • Wholesale or retail suppliers of construction materials or other related products such as Timber, Landscape materials, Cement, Tiles, Electrical goods
  • Building and construction related service providers: Window cleaners, Building cleaners, Rubbish removalists

Closed for Labour Day Holiday Monday 6th October 2014

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Inspire Education will be closed on Monday 6th of October for Queensland’s Labour Day Public Holiday. If you need to get in touch with us, you can:

  • • Call and leave a message on 1800 506 509
  • • Email us at
  • • Send a message to your trainer through the student portal

We will reply ASAP after we open on Tuesday 7th October 2014. See you then!

Safe Work Australia Month

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What is Safe Work Australia Month?

October is Safe Work Australia Month! This is a time to raise awareness of work health and safety to reduce workplace death, injury and disease.

This year’s theme is Work safe. Home safe, to remind us that the most important reason to stay safe is not work! We all want to go home safe after work to our family and loved ones.

Get Involved in Safe Work Australia Month

Get involved with work health and safety celebrations  around Australia! Contact the work health and safety regulator in your state or territory to find out what is happening near you.

Safe Work Australia has a list of events on their website. You can also download Safe Work Australia’s app on iTunes to get a list of all events taking place around Australia during Safety Month.

Become a Safety Ambassador

If you are passionate about work health and safety and want to raise awareness in your workplace then register as a safety ambassador! You will receive exclusive access to an online resource kit with tools and information to help you spread the message.

health and safety ambassadorEntry is open to anyone who works in Australia and is committed to improving work health and safety. You can be a volunteer, full time or part time employee, manager, worker or even the CEO!

Your task will be to raise awareness of work health and safety in your community. Organise  events, activities, distribute information, communicate key safety messages and encourage your workplace to make safety a priority – it all helps. Registrations open now and close 31st October 2014. Only one person can apply per workplace unless you work for a national organisation with multiple locations around Australia. Learn more about the Safety Ambassador program here.

Safety Ambassadors will be eligible for the Safety Month Workplace Participation Reward where you can win a prize pack valued at up to $5000!

Win a $5000 Prize Pack in the Safety Month Workplace Participation Reward Program!

Safe Work Australia will award a prize pack valued at up to $5000 to one organisation for outstanding participation in safety month. The winning workplace will be enthusiastically involved in Safety Month and demonstrate outstanding creativity, sustainability, participation and spirit. Learn more about the Safety Month Workplace Participation Reward.

Safety is Always a Priority

Safe Work Australia Month is a great time to focus on workplace safety and raise awareness, but safety should be a priority all year around. Get involved this month and apply the lessons you learn year round.

Don’t forget we offer nationally recognised and accredited safety training Australia-wide. Enrol in the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety or Diploma of Work Health and Safety from anywhere in Australia, right now!


Adult Learners’ Week Starts September 1!

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September 1st marks the start of Adult Learners’ Week! This international celebration of lifelong and life wide learning starts Monday September 1st and runs until Monday September 8th. This week dedicated to Adult Learning is an ideal time to reflect on your own learning journey and research opportunities for your “next step”!

About Adult Learners’ Week

Australia celebrates Adult Learners’ Week through hundreds of events designed to promote the benefits of learning – in the home, at work and in the wider community.

It is also a time for reflection; an opportunity for informed discussion about the current opportunities for adult learning in Australia to bring forth ideas for improvement.

Adult Learners’ Week started in the United Kingdom in 1992. The first Australian Adult Learners’ Week was held in 1995. It now includes events and activities held by sectors such as: community adult education, aged care, health, museums and environmental services.

Adult Learners’ Week Australia is supported by the Department of Industry and is coordinated by Adult Learning Australia. You can get the latest updates from the Adult Learners’ Week Facebook page or their website.

Learn with Inspire Education

Inspire Education is an Australian provider of nationally recognised and accredited training. We have a huge range of courses available; in fact, something for just about everyone! Take the next step in your learning journey with a nationally accredited Certificate III, Certificate IV or Diploma qualification.

Click here to see our full course catalogue and choose your program of study

Take the Learning Pledge and win an iPad Mini!

Get involved in Adult Learners’ Week and win an iPad mini! Adult Learners’ Week will be giving away one iPad mini (32GB WiFi) each day of Adult Learners’ Week 2014. All you need to do is choose a learning pledge, complete the form (follow the link below) and upload your image to be shared on Adult Learners’ Week’s social media accounts. These prizes are funded by the Department of Industry.

Make Your Learning Pledge Here Today!

New Course! Diploma of Training Design and Development

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TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development enrolments now open!

Our brand new TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development course has launched! This course is in the same family of qualifications as the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. It’s a great option if you have already completed the Certificate IV and are looking to develop additional skills to excel in Australia’s vocational training industry.

The TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development reflects the role of training developers and instruction designers in the VET industry and competency based training roles. It is ideal if you are responsible for analysing training needs and designing training solutions and products.

This qualification is intended for people seeking to become an RTO manager, training and development consultant, training product developer, enterprise assessor, educational manager or learning and development manager.

Is this course for you?

Technically there are no formal prerequisites to study this course, but it is really designed for people with extensive experience in the training industry.

We strongly recommend you hold a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and/or have significant experience in training and assessment roles (ideally in an RTO or similar organisation focusing on competency-based training and assessment).

This course also requires extensive access to learners and training situations, so ideally you’ll already be employed in a professional training role (or otherwise be able to access suitable training environments and learners).

What will you learn?

This qualification covers a range of topics in the 10 course units. Areas of learning include:

Core Units (5 Total):

TAEASS502B – Design and develop assessment tools
TAEDES501A – Design and develop learning strategies
TAEDES502A – Design and develop learning resources
TAEDES505A – Evaluate a training program
TAETAS501B – Undertake organisational training needs analysis

Elective Units (5 Total):

TAEASS501A – Provide advanced assessment practice
TAEDEL501A – Facilitate e-learning
TAEDEL502A – Provide advanced facilitation practice
TAELLN401A – Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills
TAEPDD501A – Maintain and enhance professional practice

Course Clustering

We have developed a clustered delivery approach for this qualification to reduce duplication of assessment tasks and help you complete the course at the best pace. We’ve clustered the 10 units into 3 workbooks, bundled into ‘Design’, ‘Delivery’ and ‘Assessment’ topics.

Learn More

Check out the course page for more information about this exciting qualification! Simply request a free information pack for the full range of pricing and delivery options.

Click here to access the course page: TAE50211 Diploma of Training Design and Development

Alternatively, call 1800 506 509 or email to discuss this course with an enrolment coordinator now.

Enrol Now!

When you are ready to go, simply enrol through our online shop!

Unique Student Identifiers Scheme Legislation Passes

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Ian Macfarlane MP, recently announced the passing of the Student Identifiers Act 2014 through the Senate. The Unique Student Identifier scheme will start on the 1st January 2015 and transcripts will become available in 2016.

What does the Unique Student Identifier scheme mean for you?

The Unique Student Identifier scheme will create a central, national online database for your Vocational Education and Training (VET) records. Every VET student will get a Unique Student Identifier (USI), basically a reference code made up of numbers and letters, which will stay with you for life.

All your training records will be linked to your USI so that you can find, combine and authenticate all your VET achievements in a single transcript. The online USI database will give you much greater control over your educational information. Ultimately, it will be much easier for you to provide information about your training achievements when you apply for jobs, update your resume or apply for training credit.

Currently, you cannot access your training records from a single source. If your former training provider ceases to operate it may no longer be possible to access your training records or have your qualifications verified. The USI database will help to eliminate these “lost” qualifications and ensure you have access to your training records throughout your entire lifetime.

This service will be provided at no cost to you as a student. Your USI will be recorded with any nationally recognised vocational training you commence from the 1st January 2015 when the USI scheme officially starts, though it may be possible to apply for a USI before then.

This is also good news for training providers as it will simplify assessing pre-requisites, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and credit transfer. USIs are expected to facilitate the development of evidence-based VET programs. Long-term data on course-completions provided by the USI scheme will likely be used in the development of VET sector policy initiatives in the future.

Learn more about Unique Student Identifiers here.
Read the announcement from the Hon Ian Macfarlane MP here.


Govt Funding for Aged Care Training Extended!

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The Aged Care Education and Training Incentive (ACTEI) programme has been extended!

Today we received a letter from Director Gina Rocks from the Department of Social Services to notify us the ACETI programme has been extended. You now have an extra 12 months to commence your course and take advantage of the ACETI government funding on offer.

These payments are worth $500 to $5000 per course, depending on what you choose to study. The new deadline to commence training is the 30th June 2015.

Inspire Education offers two ACETI eligible vocational training courses:

• CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care
• CHC30312 Certificate III in Home and Community Care

You may be eligible to claim up to $1000 for studying either of these courses – $500 when you start training and another $500 when you successfully complete the course. There are other eligible vocational & nursing courses listed on the ACETI program page.

Please check the full terms and conditions for eligibility in our full article or visit the ACETI programme page (as of 26/06/2014 it has not been updated with the new extended deadline date).

If you are ready to start training, you can enrol directly in your course through our Online Shop (click link).

Last Chance! Government Funding for Aged Care Training

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Update: The Aged Care Education and Training Incentive (ACTEI) programme has been extended!

The new deadline to commence training is the 30th June 2015. Learn more here.


The final deadline to take advantage of the Australian Government’s Aged Care Education and Training Incentive (ACETI) Programme is here. To get Government funding payments, you must commence an eligible training course by 30th June 2015.

Who is Eligible?

To get funding, you must:

• Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
• Be employed providing direct care in, and by, an eligible aged care service (full time, part time or casual basis).
• Have a commitment to working in the Australian aged care sector.
• Commence an eligible course between 1st July 2010 and 30th June 2014. This means the official start date must be before 30th June 2015, not the date of enrolment.

Which Courses are Eligible?

Inspire Education offers two eligible vocational training courses:

• CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care
• CHC30312 Certificate III in Home and Community Care

There are other eligible vocational & nursing courses listed on the ACETI program page.

Which Aged Care Services are Eligible?

You must be employed in an aged care role in any of the following services:

• Commonwealth funded residential aged care services;
• Commonwealth funded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flexible aged care services;
• Commonwealth funded Home Care Packages;

o Home Care Level 1
o Home Care Level 2 – formerly Community Aged Care Packages (CACP)
o Home Care Level 3
o Home Care Level 4 – formerly Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH) and Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia (EACH-D) packages.

How Much Will You Be Paid?

Vocational Training Courses

You will receive up to $1000 total for studying an eligible vocational course:

• $500 after commencement of the course
• $500 after successful completion of the course

Enrolled Nursing & Registered Nursing Courses are also eligible for payments up to $5000 total (see official ACETI page).

Are There Conditions for How Money is Spent?

No. These payments are provided as financial assistance for aged care workers who are undergoing training. You do not need to use payments to pay training costs. It is your choice how you spend your incentive payments.

I’ve Already Started Training, Can I Still Claim Payments?

You have up to 6 months after commencement to make a claim for a commencement payment.

How to Apply

Please visit the official ACETI Programme page for application forms and more information about government funding.

Enrol in a Course

Please visit course pages to learn more about our eligible training courses:

• CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care
CHC30312 Certificate III in Home and Community Care

Enrol directly in a course through our Online Shop (click link).



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