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Work Health and Safety Career Guide

4 Comments   Posted: 31/10/14   by William Cowie

What is a Health and Safety Professional? A work health and safety professional is a person trained in Work Health and Safety (WHS) practices and regulations. They design, develop, implement and analyse WHS programs. WHS professionals ensure safe and healthy working conditions in workplaces, assist injured staff through the compensation and rehabilitation process or workers Read the full post

WHS Issues: Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

0 Comments   Posted: 24/09/13   by Inspire Media

Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace

Gender discrimination and sexual harassment are two serious issues that can be an insidious poison in a workplace. Apart from legal consequences (which can be serious for the employees involved, as well as their employer), sexual harassment and gender discrimination can also cause significant long term harm to the victim and have wider social impacts. Read the full post

Why do miners need the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety?

0 Comments   Posted: 19/09/13   by Inspire Media

Why do miners need the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety?

Course link: Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety Miners work in dangerous environments where one mistake can cost someone their life. Mining is by no means an easy job. While miners are generally well compensated in Australia, some would argue the health risks and danger involved in their work justify an ever higher wage. Read the full post

How to Create an Effective Safety Incentive Program in Your Workplace

2 Comments   Posted: 26/06/13   by Inspire Media

How to Create an Effective Safety Incentive Program in Your Workplace

By William Cowie Safety incentive programs are contentious tools in the world of work health and safety. They have the potential to be seriously detrimental to workplace health and safety if poorly planned and implemented. If done well, they can be a key component of a long-term health and safety culture. We’ve previously explored the Read the full post

Safety incentive programs – Genius or disaster?

0 Comments   Posted: 26/06/13   by Inspire Media

Safety incentive programs – genius or disaster?

By William Cowie Effective safety programs have serious ROI potential for your workplace. The Liberty Mutual Institute for Safety claims that for every $1 spent on workplace health and safety, they save at least $3. A poll of financial decision makers (chief financial officers, controllers, vice presidents and directors of finance) found that perceptions of Read the full post

Older workers and workplace health and safety

1 Comment   Posted: 21/06/13   by William Cowie

Health and safety for older workers As the Australian population ‘ages’ due to longer life expectancy and a low fertility, an older workforce will become the norm across the country. Many people are choosing or need to work until much later ages than they have in the past. Older workers offer considerable benefits in the Read the full post

Sitting: the Silent Office Killer

0 Comments   Posted: 20/06/13   by William Cowie

Sitting: The Silent Office Killer

What if I told you that sitting in a chair all day – common in so many office and driving jobs – shortens your life by seven years? Got your attention? Good. Sitting is such a normal daily activity that it’s hard to even think of it as an occupational health and safety risk. Yet Read the full post

Key work health and safety resources for each state & territory

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Key work health and safety resources for each state & territory of Australia

By William Cowie Work health and safety professional? Despite the harmonisation of Australia’s work health and safety laws in recent years, each state and territory still regulates and maintains it’s own occupational health and safety authorities. There are also differences between the WHS acts, laws, regulations and codes of practice between jurisdictions. Find your local Read the full post

How to workout at work

0 Comments   Posted: 14/06/13   by William Cowie

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of having a fit, happy and healthy workplace in our article on Why you should shape up your workplace (click the link to read more!). Employers and employees can both benefit from having a fit workforce – reduced incidence of illnesses and diseases, increased strength and stamina, reduced stress, depression and Read the full post

Why You Should Shape Up Your Workplace

0 Comments   Posted: 14/06/13   by William Cowie

Fitness & OHS at your work   “You’re looking a bit out of shape, maybe it’s time to exercise more?” That might be too blunt for the office! Personal health & fitness is – at best – a touchy subject. As a result, poor physical fitness – which can be a significant OHS risk – Read the full post

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